Ramesh Santhanam

Ramesh Santhanam

Business Strategy Advisor

Ramesh has more than 2.5 decades of Capital business experience in diverse disciplines. He was regarded as an out-of-the-box thinker with reasonable business accomplishments; part of development team / access to some key disruptive technologies.

He has a master degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Arizona State University, Tempe, USA. He also has a B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT. He has worked on a defence research program. Developed advanced time and temperature recipes for application of cryogenics in industrial and defense components.

Ramesh was working as the Vice President with Ashok Leyland for New Projects and New Business Initiatives. Currently Ramesh is a Non-Executive Director of Euka Group Euka Global working on revolutionary new business initiatives, several Disruptive Technologies and New Business Opportunities.

His experience includes value addition to existing business processes / new project conceptualization; used as a high-end Resource Person by multinationals like Kanoo Group, Ashok Leyland / Hinduja Group, to capture and conduct businesses with large clientele; positioned to buy the confidence of potential customers; capabilities - from all forms of Energy / Infrastructure / Automotive to new business initiatives / others; identifying new avenues for businesses, driving business growth in critical quarters for both domestic and international markets. He also has an ability to develop potential business opportunities with a focused profit-center motive.

During his professional tenure with Ashok Leyland, Ramesh has carried several initiatives which includes Optimizing existing business processes, included recruitment of appropriate skill sets to adapting lean management of facility, development initiatives - covered basic engineering to detailed engineering, including carefully orchestrated management of civil and associated costs to design / development and overseeing of installation to commissioning processes.

He proactively assisted management for their international expansion of business operations that brought new products to new markets – including for Power and Industrial products division of YBAK.